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Packaging & Delivery
Reducing Risk
Process Optimisation
  • Starting a new project

    Selecting the right valve & control solution is critical when designing a new process. AHS has the knowledge & expertise to make this job easier offering advice on:

    • Valve sizing
    • Valve selection
    • Specification development
    • Materials selection
    • Controls philosophy

  • Packaging, Procurement & Project Management

    When a project is committed, AHS can provide a range of services independant of vendor, these include:

    • Valve engineering
    • Valve automation
    • Purchase & package
    • Documentation requirements
    • Training & commissioning

  • Testing, Commissioning & Problem Solving

    Construction & commissioning are 2 stages of a project where valuable time and money can be lost. AHS offers services to help reduce any potential risks with your valve and control needs:

    • Installation services
    • Valve automation & testing
    • Commissioning services
    • Site problem solving

  • Process Optimisation

    Improving productivity and efficiency are critical to optimising assets. AHS has the knowledge and experience to help plant reliability and maintenance engineers with valve and control expertise including:

    • Valve selection and design
    • Materials selection
    • Maintenance & repair
    • Automation

01. Selecting the right valve & controls solution

AHS makes the job easier offering advice on valve sizing, valve selection, specification development, materials selection & controls philosophy

02. Packaging, Procurement & Delivery

AHS has a track record of providing services where we select, procure and package valve and control solutions, independant of vendor.

03. Construction & Commissioning

AHS offers services to reduce any potential installation & start-up issues with your valve and control aopplications: Installation, Valve automation & testing, Site problem solving & more

04. Process Optimisation

Using our valve and control expertise we provide engineering advice to help extend reliability & performance, these include; Valve selection and design, Materials selection, Maintenance & more

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