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    Providing high performance valves & controls to process industries

  • FCT High performance valves & Controls

    High Performance Valves & Controls

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    Our Product Range

  • Bray valves


    The High Performance Company

    Key products include butterfly valves, ball valves & control valves

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  • Corrosive Applications

    Thermoplastic products valves & controls

    for corrosive liquids and gase applications whether high or low

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Using our experience, knowledge & high performing products we drive for better results

Our Product Categories

Pressure Relief & Reducing Valves

Thermoplastic pressure relief & reducing valves

Butterfly Valves

Resilient seated, high performance & triple offset

Control Valves

V-notch ball valves, segment valves & slurry control

Ball Valves

Commodity to high integrity metal seated

Knife Gates

General purpose & arduous service

Thermoplastic Check Valves

Materials include PVC, PP, PVDF

Thermoplastic Diaphragm Valves

Materials include PVC, PP and PVDF

Slurry Valves

Isolation & control valves for arduous service

Thermoplastic Ball Valves

Materials include PCV, PP & PVDF

Thermoplastic Butterfly Valves

Materials include PVC, PP & PVDF

Ball Valves

A wide selection of Metso Ball Valves

Check Valves

High flow check valves for critical applications

Electric Actuators

On-off and modulating electric actuators

Thermoplastic Flow Meters

Flow Meters for chemical applications

Gauges & Gauge Guards

Pressure gauges & guards for all applications

Pneumatic Actuators

Actuation packages for all automation requirement


From simple I-P to smart positioners

John Guest Fittings

Fittings suitable air, liquids & gases


Solenoids for gases & liquids up to 150 Bar


Configurations to suit all appilcations

Our Valves

  • Bray
  • ASV Stubbe
  • Praher
  • John Guest
  • J&J BCN International
  • GSR Ventiltechnik

Our Services

  • Valve Sizing & Selection
  • Problem Solving
  • Packaging Services
  • Site Audits

Why choose us?

FCT | Why choose us

We work with you to lower your operational costs by increasing reliability and productivity.

  • We are up for the challenge
  • We are driven
  • We deliver through responsiveness and high performing products

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Our Approach

Solving your valve and control needs through experience,
responsiveness and high performing products

Our Partners

  • Bray Valves & Controls
  • John Guest Products
  • Praher Valves
  • ASV Stubbe

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